Why Is Friendship So Hard – Valuable Tips for Stronger Friendships

Why Is Friendship So Hard? Valuable Tips for Stronger Friendships

It’s normal to feel jealousy and envy in your friendships. You know each other too well, right? That’s why when even a hint of trouble comes up, betrayal is quick to follow. These emotions, however, do not help strengthen the bonds of friendship.

Fortunately, there are ways to turn “friendship wars” in your favor. Try to approach your friend without getting emotional and without taking sides. Be enthusiastic and open-minded about trying new things with them.

By showing that you’re happy and willing to spend time with them, you’re assuring them that they’re still an essential existence to you.

Keep these ideas in mind to build stronger friendships:

  1. Create and relish opportunities to spend time together. It would be nice if friendships didn’t require lots of time to bond, but that’s the way it works. That’s the beauty of relationships.
  • It’s like planting a tree – the tree needs time to grow its roots deep, but when it does, it’s steady. The benefits of stronger relationships can last a lifetime. So set a goal for each week to plan one fun activity with your pal.
  • Check in with them from time to time, text them once in a while, and let them know you’re thinking of them. These activities may seem small, but they’ll make a big difference in your friendship.
  1. Always remain honest with your friends. Probably the most crucial element in a strong friendship is trust. Each person needs to trust that the other person will remain open with them.
  • That means not dangling small lies in their face for no particular reason. Honest friends find it easier to fix a rough patch at the core. They can talk things out and resolve them.
  • Building a solid foundation for friendship is the most important thing you can do.
  1. Show vulnerability. Many people today find it very difficult to show their vulnerability. They assume that this will lead to failure or rejection.
  • People also avoid showing their vulnerable side because of a specific image they want to present to the world. But it’s not a good idea to give a particular impression because that will limit you from growing.
  • Keeping up appearances is a big mistake. Be authentic and vulnerable.
  • This shift will attract people who are empathetic toward you. And for good friendships, the opposite is true. Being vulnerable shows the other person that you have confidence in them, and they, in return, will have faith in you.
  1. Don’t take advantage of your friends. We all like kind, generous, and trustworthy people, and we must always strive to be like that. But sometimes we don’t want to take our friends seriously. As a good friend, it’s important to avoid taking advantage of your friend’s weakness.
  • Love your friend as much as yourself. When you take advantage of your friends, they come to resent you. Your friends, like family, need you in their lives. If they can trust you, they will rely on you. You owe it to them to try your best to look out for their best interests.

Also, it’s important to be a good listener. When you listen, you show your friend that you care about their problems and are willing to do anything they ask. If you listen carefully, you figure out what they need and how you can help. This practice makes them feel important.

In the end, it all comes back to trust. If your friend trusts you, he will stick with you through the good and bad times.

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