(Video) Breaktrough You! 52 Ways to Change Your Life This Year

At some point, we all get to a point in our lives when we say, “Enough is enough.”
We decide to change everything at once and spend a weekend planning all the changes we’re going to make…

  • We create lists
  • We create schedules
  • We’re determined.

Monday comes, and we do okay. There are few hiccups, but we have a good day.
Tuesday might even go okay.
By the time Friday comes and goes, we’re a mess.
We’ve failed on every front and are feeling even more angry and helpless than we did before.

The challenge comes from trying to do too much at once.
There’s only so much change you can handle at one time.

The only way to change a lot is to change a little at a time and accumulate a lot of small changes over a longer period of time.

Watch the video below to discover 52 ways to transform your life this year.

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