Millionaire Brain Academy Review

When I received The Millionaire’s Brain Academy as a gift from an old friend I wondered at first if he needed his head examined! I was buried under work and didn’t have time for this kind of nonsense. But out of friendship I decided not to toss it and figured I’d take a look inside when I had the time.

A couple of days went by so I decided to pick it up and to be honest; I was more than pleasantly surprised. The Millionaire’s Brain Academy really made sense. This was something I could actually put to good use! My friend had done me a HUGE favor because this book was worth its weight in gold.

Millionaire Brain's Academy

To simplify things, this is a self-help book, but unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before. It is jam-packed with ingenious concepts that go way beyond any other success guide out there.

With other guides you may get a textbook about what it takes to succeed in the real world, but The Millionaire’s Brain Academy goes way beyond the basics, which became clear to me very early on.

To become successful in this highly competitive world, you need more than talent, more than a dream. You need to know how to work smart, or you’ll never achieve it.

“Master Your Destiny” is the first chapter and this goes into detail about the idea of responsibility. In order to have a success mindset you’ve got to have responsibility at the core of your belief system. When you feel responsible for your future, you understand that your choices matter, now and for the future.

To get the entire process started, you must start with the brain. The brain is where we develop our mindset. This is the canvas from which we will work to develop the proper mindset for success. We must make a conscious effort to instruct our brain to do the things necessary to impart certain behaviors. We need to rewire our brain with the positive thoughts and messages that will lead to the kind of behaviors on our part that will manifest the actions we need to take to achieve success.

For one, we need to turn off the TV because so much of the programming is just mindless drivel that does not contain anything worthwhile. Continuing to fill our minds with all this nonsense does nothing to help reprogram our mindset for success.

After turning off the TV, you must change your pattern of belief and ideology and replace it with the conviction that you are the next millionaire. This is the foundation from which you will work your magic. You have got to believe that this is where you’re going and that you have what it takes to achieve it.

There is no way around it, you have got to be convinced at your core that you are on your way. This unwavering conviction will now instigate the law of attraction. This is a powerful universal law that will essentially turn over the keys to incredible opportunity, wealth and success.

Additionally, to strengthen your mindset for success there may be something you’ll need to give up. Don’t worry, no one is going to ask you to sacrifice your soul, but nonetheless it is important.

Tahiti scenery

This is something close to the heart, something you’ve held on to for a long time and have an intimate connection with. It may very well be that it’s something you’ve told yourself at one time or another or that others have spoken to you about.

I’m not going to go into those details right now. You’ll need to read that section of the book to learn the two words that will illuminate everything for you and that have the power to reverse the trajectory of your life so that wealth and good fortune will come your way.

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