The Three Insights Stories: Video Collection

3I Stories LogoEnjoy this inspiring video series by Tim Pond.

The videos can be watched individually or in a study group. To watch the videos on my YouTube Channel, click the titles of the videos below.

I regularly create new videos in the series. Please use the Search function (use the words “Three Insights Stories” or “Stories”) on the right to look for the new videos. Alternatively, you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel here to easily get notifications of my new videos.

Thank you, Tim

*   *   *   *   *

Too Much Tea!

Before and After Enlightenment

The Bad and Ugly Actors

Which Dog Do You Feed?

Freeing the Angel


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Free Yourself from Methods

The Secret of Life

What is Happiness?

Fast Enlightenment?

A Particular Starfish

The Good Samaritan Experiment

A Brave Little Boy

What the World Needs the Most Right Now?

What’s the Worth of Five Extra Minutes?

The Power of Praying

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