How Do You Know That Youve Met The One

How Do You Know That You’ve Met “The One”?

We’re all pretty certain when we’ve met someone who isn’t “the one”. But, what if you think that maybe you’ve met the One you’ve been looking for all these years? There’s no way to be 100% certain, but there are several clues you can look for.

We’ve all thought that we’ve met the partner of our dreams, only to realize later that we were 100% wrong. This article can help you separate the One from “not the one”.

Keep these great relationship clues in mind:

  1. You’re able to settle conflict efficiently and effectively. All relationships have conflict. Many people erroneously believe that good relationships are completely free of conflict, but that simply isn’t true. When you have two or more people together, there will eventually be conflict.
    • The ability to find an acceptable solution to your conflicts with relative ease and speed is a great sign that you may have met your ideal partner.
  2. You feel comfortable being yourself. It’s natural to present your best possible self when you start dating someone. However, the truth always comes out eventually.
    • Do you feel completely comfortable being yourself with your partner? If you have to keep pretending to be something you’re not, this partner probably isn’t the One.
  3. You have the same lifestyle goals as your partner. Your personalities might mesh perfectly, but if you want different things, you’re not with your ideal person.
    • The big things like having kids, where you want to live, and long-term goals need to be very similar. Otherwise, the compromises that need to be made will likely be too significant for both of you to be happy.
  4. Your values are similar. People with vastly different values cannot get along over the long haul. People with different values make different decisions, take different actions, and want different things.
  5. It’s easy for you to make each other happy. Is it easy for you to make your partner happy? Or do you have to jump through a bunch of uncomfortable hoops each day to keep the peace?
    • That’s not to say that your mere presence has to send your partner over the moon. It simply means that you and some attention and consideration keep your partner pretty happy.
  6. The simple things are enjoyable together. Can you walk together at the local park together and have a good time? Or do you have to be on a tropical cruise? Can you order pizza, watch a movie, and enjoy yourselves? Or do you have to eat at an expensive restaurant and go to a show to call it a good night?
  7. Your partner sees you the way you want to be seen. We all want to be viewed in a certain light. Does your partner see you that way? We generally don’t like people that view us in a way we find unflattering.
  8. You’re both comfortable spending time apart. If you have to keep each other within 50 feet at all times, your relationship likely isn’t a healthy one.
    • It’s important for both of you to be able to do separate activities, either alone or with friends or family, without creating any drama.
  9. You both feel respected, appreciated, and loved. This is a big one. Having your partner in your life should feel good. If you feel respected, appreciated, and loved, you probably feel pretty good and pretty good together!

The possibility that you’ve met your ideal partner is an exciting one. It’s not always easy to determine the long-term compatibility of a partner, but great relationships have many things in common. If your relationship is easy, enjoyable, and you share a common vision for the future, you’re on the right track.

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