I regularly ask my subscribers and visitors how I can help them better or what is their biggest challenge.

In the first half of 2015 I got tons of replies, thank you for all of them!


2015 (First Half)

The Top 5 Needs of my visitors and subscribers were as follows:


Tim, I want you to help me

  1. manifest more money (including mentions of “to become a millionaire” and “to get rid of debt”)
  2. raise my self-esteem/learn to become more assertive (including mentions of “overcome shyness or anxiety” and “conquer fear”)
  3. become an Internet marketer and start earning recurring income online
  4. find a job (including mentions of “to find a better job” and “make a career change”)
  5. improve my time management (including mentions of “better focus” and “get rid of procrastination”)

Click the items of the above list to discover my recommended free resources related to a particular need.

Please send me your question now using the Chat box below!


Tim Pond S

Image: Jenniina Nummela 

Thank you,

Tim Pond

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