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April 2016

As my thank you for being a loyal blog reader/subscriber, here’s an exclusive BONUS GIFT pack for you:

Ancient Super Foods to Add to Your Diet Now

The premium bundle includes 2 Guides and a worksheet with EMPOWERING assignments.

Diet is the key ingredient to a healthy and happy life, but how do you know which one to follow? Although experts often disagree about different diets, they agree on the benefits of super foods. A super food is defined as a food filled with many nutrients that are vital to your health.

Ancient superfoods have been used by many cultures for centuries. They’re nutrient-dense and have multiple health benefits.

Super foods may reduce the risk of cancers, lower blood pressure, help fight inflammation, and do other important tasks in the body. They’re powerful tools that can have a big impact on your overall health.



To download the exclusive health and fitness kit go directly to my private Subscribers-only download area:

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and use your private password: Timsgifts

Have an insighful day,


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